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Following are answers to the questions job seekers ask us most often.

How do I apply for a position?

We welcome you to apply for any position at UIC via the HIRETOUCH electronic application system on the UIC Job Board site.  Advancement positions are listed under one of two employment categories:  Academic Professional (AP) or Civil Service (CS).  The hiring process for each employment category is different. Please visit the AP and CS hiring sites for more detailed information.

Who can I contact if I’m experiencing trouble with the HIRETOUCH online application system?

We want your application process to be seamless. Please call the HIRETOUCH helpdesk at 312-413-4848 for any assistance.

How will I know that UIC received my application?

Once you complete your application in the HIRETOUCH system, you will receive a confirmation email. At any time you may visit the HIRETOUCH system with your username/password to view the jobs to which you have applied.

Do I need to apply for a specific position or can I send in a general resume for future openings?

Please apply for a specific position. We do not accept general resumes or applications.

Can I update my application and/or resume once I’ve applied for a position?

Please make sure your application, resume and cover letter are complete as changes cannot be made once the application is submitted.

What is the recruitment process?

Academic Professional positions: Each position is open for a designated amount of time – minimum three weeks – during which time we accept applications. After the application close date, the search committee reviews all applicants and selects candidates for interviews.

Civil Service positions: HR Employment reviews all applications and performs a credentials assessment on each applicant. The candidates with the three highest credential assessment scores are granted interviews with the hiring department.

How will I know if I get an interview?

Academic Professional positions: The search committee makes every effort to move the process swiftly. Committee members screen all candidates after the close date. If there is interest in your candidacy the hiring manager or recruiter will contact you for an interview, generally within a couple weeks of the close date.

Civil Service positions: HR Employment will contact you if you are one of the top three scores for a job opening. You will be invited to interview with the department for the position.

When will references be checked?

We will check references once you become a finalist for the position.

What benefits are available to new employees?

Visit our benefits summary for highlights or the UIC benefits page for a complete listing of all State of Illinois and University benefits available to UIC staff.

Where can I find information about other positions available at UIC?

We encourage you to visit the UIC Job Board to review all open positions.

What should I do if I still have questions about the recruitment process for development positions at UIC?

We are happy to answer any questions. Please email them to us at and we will respond as soon as possible.