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UIC campaign goal progress

Impressive progress toward an ambitious goal


It’s an ambitious goal. But our progress toward it is impressive. It is the many giving at small amounts, combined with the few who gave transformative gifts who will ignite the future for UIC students, faculty and the communities we serve.

create opportunity

Redefine Student Success and Empower Faculty

We’re igniting a new standard in education. Upending old models, sparking new ideas and creating opportunity for hungry students from regardless of background or circumstance. Our faculty — foremost in their fields — are finding revolutionary ways forward and illuminating young minds.

shape the future

Drive Discovery and Connect Communities

We are igniting change to chase discoveries that change lives. All 7.4 billion of them. All the while taking advantage of our collective strength. We invite people in, push new ideas out and transform discovery into real and lasting progress for communities.

impact communities