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The night-vision goggles were just the beginning

Discoveries at UIC have contributed to improving the health and well-being of millions of Americans by developing life-saving transplant surgery techniques and HIV drugs, bringing national awareness to the hazards of BPA and increasing access to healthful foods in urban areas. We have also led the world in high-performance computer visualization, made discoveries in semi-conductor technology leading to night vision devices used by the U.S. Military and validated the world’s first cure for sickle cell disease.

Today we are searching for new ways to reduce cancer-related health disparities, improving urban transportation systems, finding ways to regrow tooth enamel and discovering the cures for diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Only a research university with our depth, breadth, and prime location could take on such a broad range of issues.  As the only public research university in the city of Chicago, we have an “urban laboratory” at our disposal, which allows us to not only see what global challenges will come next, but also affect real change for the communities we serve worldwide.

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With your support we have:

  • Gathered funding to advance the clinical trials of the Chicago Diabetes Project
  • Raised support for the College of Dentistry’s Aging Population Studies
  • Secured a grant to help fund the College of Applied Health Science’s research efforts

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