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This is no ivory tower

Our commitment to communities—from the local to global level—is a reflection of our values. Our health sciences colleges serve Illinois’ distinct urban and rural populations. Our faculty and students work to empower vulnerable populations such as the homeless, underprivileged, and the elderly. And we are making UIC a hub and destination for collaborative artistic explorations and engagement.

We are an outward-facing university with a deep social conscience. We believe that an institution of higher education should never be an ivory tower—but instead an engine for opportunity and positive change on the local, state, national, and global level. We instill our students with these values—of compassion, service, and community engagement—and they are challenged by our faculty from day one to embody them. If you are one of our 250,000 alumni, you know this well, because our mission has stayed true since your days on campus. Now is the time to continue this mission and strengthen connections to our communities.

Watch the impact of connecting to communities:

With your help we have:

  • Supported UIC Engage, a program that provides academic support to elementary students in Chicago Public Schools
  • Dedicated funds to an Athletics Outreach Program that brings Chicago Public School students to basketball games
  • Raised funds for supportive oncology services for cancer patients
  • Contributed funds to a Mayor’s Summit tied to UIC’s Freshwater Lab within the Institute for the Humanities
  • Secured a grant for the Office of Community Engagement and Neighborhood Health Partnership

Read about how we connect to communities:

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