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Thank You to Our Founding Committee

Our first order of business when launching the UICAA in October 2017 was building a solid foundation. We invited a number of seasoned and loyal volunteers to create Founding Committees, charged with examining overall operations, awards & traditions, college and unit engagement and student to recent alumni engagement. Each committee worked to assess our current state and recommend strategies to help us grow and improve.

Thank you to the following alumni volunteers who spent countless hours working diligently to meet that charge. We are extremely grateful for their dedication, time and expertise.

  • Chair: Bill Merchantz ‘79
  • Jim Dorociak ’81, ’83
  • Debra Evans ’85
  • Sonia Gabrielson ’03
  • Troy Ingram ’10
  • Charles (CJ) Kaskadden ’13
  • Kerl LaJeune ‘92
  • Annie Li ‘15
  • Julio Nolasco ’02
  • Uche Onwuta ‘97
  • Kathryn Quinn ’77
  • Joseph Rossi ’17
  • Sue Stevens ‘67
  • Eileeen Thanitanont ’18

Today, with our current state assessed and our recommendations in place, we are ready to start building up and out.  This will mean many more opportunities to provide input, volunteer and have your alumni voice heard. Please read below the various ways to get involved, and let us know how you’d like to engage.

Volunteer Opportunities

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